Wednesday, December 26, 2018


I played with my new embroidery unit for my new-to-me sewing machine 
and made these applique snowmen on canvas.
They will soon be sewn into a couch pillow.
 I also played a bit with the second sock on the knitting machine.  
I almost knew what I was doing each step of the way this time!
I only have to add the ribbing along the leg and I will bind it off from the needles
and then seam it up!
A lovely end of a day finds me with little Lena giving my leg a hug as I knit.
She has been with me now 2 years!  
She has been a very sweet shadow throughout this time.


  1. Those little snowmen are adorable!!!

    And, you KNOW I always love seeing photos of Lena. Aren't kitty snuggles just the BEST!

  2. That embroidery is lovely! And I love your little cat!

  3. Love the snowmen & the photo of Lena!

  4. I love your snowmen. Lena is dear!!!

  5. Those snowmen are so cute!
    It's hard to believe Lena's been around for two years already! Time really flies!

  6. Love your projects and that sweetie is so cute.

  7. How cute are those snowmen!!! I am trying to resist an embroidery machine! But not too hard. I forget, where is the sock seam? Side I presume.

  8. Lena is a sweetie - unfortunately our tom always wants to snuggle on my chest - it's not so great when 5 kg of "dead cat" sleep under my chin:)
    and I like the blanket - not the usual pastel baby colours and an interesting pattern!


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