Saturday, December 15, 2018

It's the Pits

 The boys have still been under weather;  the littlest back to the doctor's again even!
I have struggled to participate in my own life....But little by little each night I add a few stitches and finally, the sweater is complete!
I reversed the pattern and knit it  bottom up, this left a little bit of grafting under the arms is all.
Right to blocking so I can get to wearing it!
 I also alternated the cables to zig zag across the front 
and the back!
The sleeves turned out to be a perfect match to the rest of the sweater
even though they were made on the machine!
Now what sweater to make?  I have some sock yarn purchased for one but no idea of a pattern!
And this is what we did this week!


  1. Done? Already? With all those cables? Wow....just wow and it turned out fabulous!

  2. Your sweater is beautiful!! Congratulations on the beautiful finish!

    Happy birthday to your biggest "little".

  3. How pretty! Love the color and those cables, wow!

  4. I hope the boys feel better soon. The color is stunning.

  5. I have had a wee one here not feeling the best either. It made me stay home yesterday and get loads done sorting presents for my kids at work and doing paperwork. I hope your boys are feeling better.

  6. Great sweater! I hope the boy had a fabulous day!

  7. you're getting really productive with that machine knitting! and with all the things you do on your sewing machine you deserve a good new one - looks like you're having fun with it:)and I hope birthday boy and his little brother are soon fit again for christmas:)

  8. Oh my gosh. That sweater is awesome. In a weird way I liked when my kids and i got sick BEFORE The holidays. THen we were done and ready to play .


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