Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Golden Feet and Framework

Once I received the pattern of the foot for the recipient of the new socks,
I could begin my work!
Do you use a pattern like this for socks?
The second quilt is on the frame and will move on quickly now that the plan is set in motion 
and I am loading one right after the other!


  1. Women's socks I can do but I really should measure the men in the family like that. I never know how big to make them.

  2. Nope - no pattern. I know what works for me and I know to make socks for Fletch or Colin bigger and for Mailing smaller!

  3. Yes, I've used a drawing to knit socks for family members I don't see often.

  4. I have not done a pattern like that that (I use general shoe size) but that is brilliant! I love it!

  5. I only make socks for two people and I know their feet pretty well.

  6. I have not done a pattern like that one either. INgenius


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