Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Plus Two

 I managed to cut two more quilts out from the bottom of the Christmas prints scrap bins;
one fo an adult and one for a child.  (I might have one more for an adult but I ran out of cutting out time!)
 After Will got home from school and Ethan woke up from his nap
we had fun doing a Christmas craft;
felt shapes cut out on the Accuquilt cutter and
and some glitter glue!!! 
 It was a sparkly hour of fun!


  1. More pretty quilts!!! The boys look like they are having fun. Who doesn't love a glittery snowflake?

  2. Glitter and glue? Makes for a perfect afternoon I'd say. (Just glad I wasn't on clean-up duty)

  3. I bet those made great ornaments!
    I've probably go the girls coming on Saturday and I'm hoping I can take them to a place that lets you make ceramic ornaments.

  4. Looks like a little someone really enjoyed the GLITTER glue. LOL

  5. What fun. You are easy goin if you can do glitter and kids!

  6. looks like two happy kiddos:) so they're fit again?
    must be a relief that they're back on their feet - I think it's easier to look after playing kids than sick ones... and you'll get your house decorated for free:)

  7. Those quilts are going to be very cute.
    Your boys sure look chipper now. I miss having little ones to do crafts with.


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