Friday, March 1, 2019

Marching In!

In keeping with the theme of a new pillow a month, 
this month we honor the Irish among us!
I have included a bit or orange in the embroidery to address the way the Catholics (green) 
and the Protestants (orange) have decided to work together in the last decade 
because they are all sharing the same island-the Green Isle, in fact.
It's been good for me to have my interest piqued about the history of this country 
first by Victoria on Masterpiece Theater
and secondly from  a recent-to-me episode of Rick Steeves about Ireland.  
I suggest you take some time this month to enlighten or refresh your own education about this beautiful Country, Ireland!


  1. I've got The Mister to keep all things Irish around here. My first Mister was Irish too. I must have a type! LOL....
    That pillow is glorious. What a beauty!

  2. I live "in the irish history" - but it's embarrassing that you have more "irish" deco than I do over here:)lovely design - I have to admit that I don't have any specifically irish deco at all in the house, apart from a st brigid's cross of course. will all the shamrocks outside count?:)

  3. Beautiful!
    There is a wealth of both wonderful and terrible history in Ireland!

  4. Lovely! I'm enjoying Victoria, too.

  5. I'm only Irish by marriage (my last name is Sheehan) but I truly appreciate your beautiful Irish needlework! Ireland is an interesting place, and when I lived in Boston I got to know a lot about the challenges with living there today. I visited it a long time ago and it is so, so beautiful.

  6. It turned out great! So pretty!


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