Thursday, March 21, 2019

Roars like a Lion

So you take a schematic of the garment you want to knit,
you plug in the gauge you figured out from your yarn
(considering how dense or open you want your knit fabric to be)
and then you do a little simple math.
Now that is the part that 90% of the people back away from figuring out their own yarn choice 
for ANY PATTERN they like!
I think the understanding I have gained this past year has made me a better hand knitter
and a better machine knitter.
I am working on a pattern now--it is a hand knit one in a fancy yarn that I am not going to buy.
I am substituting it with Cotton Blend from Lion Brand.
I haven't used that yarn before but I think I'm going to like it for this sideways knit cardigan.
(Little Guy isn't feeling well and took a nap--I went in for a creative hour and produced this!)
More to follow
--Explore Your Own Knitting Adventures
 is something I am going to blog about
each week.  
Stay tuned

Oh, yeah-
Happy Spring!


  1. Looking forward to seeing how this one turns out!

  2. Oh, wow....that is interesting.

  3. I wish more people wouldn't fear the math, it's just a simple equation! Happy Spring, but I'm not celebrating until I actually SEE some signs Spring is planning to stay.

  4. I have done this several times although my swatches can be a bit wonky. I know some designers 'discourage' this because it changes the drape blah blah blah and I appreciate your encouragement!

  5. I sometimes have to work my way through the "fear factor" of something new.

    Hope Little Guy is feeling better soon.

  6. It's math... people hate math.
    I don't hate it, but I'm lazy. It doesn't stop me from modifying though - I just usually wing it instead of doing calculations.

  7. I love how you are adventurous in your knitting!

  8. What kind of machine is that? I have thought about getting one in the past, but really, I should stick to quilting... :) Hope the Little Guy gets better soon xx

  9. Hope by now your Little Guy is feeling great. Your knitting machine is most intriguing!


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