Tuesday, March 5, 2019


 The boys and I took an outing after school at the park.
The clouds rolled by giving a great mld temperature 
and a feeling of movement to match the highly energetic boys! 
 Ethan is over his flu  finally so he felt like playing 
and Will was running and yelling into the wind
to free all the 'quiet'  restraints of his day!
I finished the ridiculous garterlac dishcloth--ridiculous because I couldn't knit this at all!
I can't count the number of these I have made but I guess I have never done it in two colors
like I wanted because I was always on the wrong side to pick up stitches and had to try and pick them
up purlwise ....sometimes!  
Oh, it's only a dishcloth and stop overthinking it!
I am free-form knitting the next one--I like the little dots of white every few rows.


  1. Your entrelac looks perfect from here! :-)

  2. I have always wanted to try entrelac but it looks pretty scary.

  3. I love entrelac but have never even thought to attempt it in two colors. I BOW DOWN.

  4. Entrelac is a skill I've never mastered: yours looks good to me.

  5. I love the look of the dishcloth

  6. Pretty sky. My boy still needs to blow off energy after holding still and being quiet...that’s a challenge for our guys!

  7. Sometimes life knits curve balls, and sometimes we just decide to never knit those curves ever again!

  8. Entrelac completely mystifies me, but I love your free-form washcloth!

  9. It is very pretty done in the two colors... I don't think I could knit it though! xx


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