Wednesday, March 6, 2019

A Blush of Red

 Look what we were given--2 pots of Amaryllis!
 And they are variegated red--which makes me very happy!
They look nice next to the red begonia and red coleus!
Can you tell I like red flowers?!


  1. Whoa, those are some full pots — pretty!

  2. My mom always had red and white striped petunias and red salvia in her beds. I never thought about it but she must have loved red too. Never another color.

  3. there is no red outside here yet, all yellows and the first violets start to pop out. that's the extend of our spring colour:) the only pink/red I can see for now is the christmas cactus... which I managed to delay a bit by putting the budding plant in the cold porch! maybe that's why I like to spin reds and strong pinks during this time of the year?:)

  4. Pretty! I never did pot up my amaryllis at Christmas. I should do that now for some early spring colour!


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