Thursday, March 14, 2019

NorthEasterly-Another Sock Yarn Blanket!

I bought this pattern in early December thinking to knit it with my Mom when she came for a visit.
Since that didn't work out,  I will be saving it to knit with her when I finally go to see her in the Fall.

But this is not to say I will not work all the bugs out of it first!

I am knitting this with fingering weight yarn held doubled on #6 needles (it is still a firm fabric and the recommended #5's were really firm)

I'm not sure I am happy with this needle either and will try it with #8's for a few rows and compare.
It is a very enjoyable knit for all the reasons that the reducing squares are great but this one has a very interesting structure and the columns can be knit simultaneously!  
I am even joining the ends with a square knot and letting the joins
 fall where it may--no ends for me!  Can't get simpler than this!

We could do a KAL for the rest of the year!


  1. I can't even finish 2 worsted weight blankets and here you start another sock blanket? I have about 80 yards of a Mad Tosh Light in a fuchsia pink if you want it. It's the yarn I used for Starshower.

  2. Interesting! though personally, I hate working with doubled yarn!

  3. I need to use up sock leftovers, too!

  4. That is interesting, but like Val, I don't like working with doubled yarn.

  5. I gave this a try when it first came out and I had a hard time making it look *neat*. I may have to give it another try when I have a little more patience and a few things OFF the needles. I will do mine in fingering scraps.


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