Tuesday, March 12, 2019

It's a Wrap!

 The Swedish Lines is off the needles and on the blocking board.
I blocked it out at 66" x 27";  pretty vigorous but it is garter and it needs it.
 I have a very light and airy summer cover.
 An asymmetrical shawl always induces a quandary for how to wear it...
The drape is wonderful but this is the last lace weight project I will be knitting. 
It just doesn't have the same pleasures as a sock weight yarn for a shawl!

KnitPicks lace weight yarn
#7 needles


  1. It's really lovely!! I'm with you. Life is too short to be fiddling with lace weight.

  2. It is so pretty. I bet you get an awful lot of use out of this shawl. Congratulations on a great finish!!

  3. I NEVER know how to wear assymetrical shawls!

  4. Yay for another neck finish! I finally wove in the 2 ends on my Starshower and wore it yesterday. Yes, 2 ends kept me from wearing it for over a week. LOL!

  5. That will be perfect for those overly-air conditioned places. I love that green!

  6. Lovely! I'm not a fan of lace weight yarn. I have some in my stash, but I may end up giving it away.

  7. It looks so different than mine with the dark/light switched! It’s beautiful.


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