Friday, March 22, 2019


Blank is what you get on your blog when you fall asleep like this without posting first! 
 I pieced a few more rows of the girl's flannel quilt; 
I think I am at the halfway row now.
 I am working across the other front on this cardigan-
soon a sleeve will appear!
 I'm also starting a KAL today with the Knit it Now website;
I have the information I need from this swatch to knit the whole sweater 
and know how much yarn it will require, too.  
Very cool information to mine from a swatch!
 I rarely wear a hole through my sock heels but this pair did on both heels at the same time!
I ripped out above the hole and below it so I have some mini skeins for my sock blanket!
And in the background are some of the postcards I have been coloring--I work a bit everyday.
The Fringe tree is in full bloom-
it smells wonderful and looks so fairy-like, too.
Each bloom is about a 12" high so it is very showy!


  1. Love all the projects, and really love that the tree looks like it is coming to life!

  2. No wonder you fell asleep! So many great projects!!!!

  3. Love the cat pic! and that tree is gorgeous.

  4. Time with a cat on your lap is NEVER wasted.

  5. Well, you were being held down, so you couldn't move now could you! The flannel is coming together. I need to mine my flannels and see if I could come up with a top. The tree is gorgeous!

  6. What an interesting tree! I love your flannel quilt, such pretty colors. Your kitty looks very comfortable!

  7. We have lost many of our spring blooms. I wish the azaleas had stuck around longer. Enjoy our beautiful plants.


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