Tuesday, March 19, 2019

What if?

 I made a swatch for a new machine knitting project;
one for a little boy this time to give equal time to that gender's charity box!
And then I didn't use the swatch information at all and just followed the directions
(novel idea for me!)
as written for a baby sweater out of worsted weight yarn.
It will be a surprise for me to see how big it is when finished!
I have a irritatingly bothersome painful case of viral conjunctivitis and have one working eye,
Do you know you need TWO eyes for depth perception?!  
I reach for the yarn and miss the proper spot to work the ribbing stitches on this bottom band
 and it took way longer than it needed.
I will plug along all week and try to get a section (front, front, sleeve, sleeve) done this week and then put it all together this Saturday.  It's good to have plans.....


  1. Pretty yarn! Hope your eye clears up soon - that's no fun.

  2. Oh, my...you really have been put through it. Eye ouchies are no fun. When I was teaching it was a regular in my repertoire of diseases along with the worst....ringworm. Ugh.

  3. So sorry about your eyes! That can't be pleasant. Still, your knitting is lovely!

  4. Plans are good - but don't forget rest! Your body is telling you you need it!

  5. I hope you're able to squeeze in more time to rest and allow your body to recharge.

  6. Take a bow!! That looks amazing. Take good care of your eyes! when things go wrong we realize how much we need them!


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