Monday, March 4, 2019

Sweet,Soft and Crafty!

 Summer Blooms II is officially finished and ready to comfort.
 See the crinkles?  This is also a good sense of the color.  I love it!
I also finished the second baby sweater that is part of my 'training' on the knitting machine!  
This one is  a size 3-6 months; I used Bernat Baby yarn. 
 I'm sending this one off to my newest grandniece! 
 I think I need to make a new sweater for big sister, too, 
so I will wait to send it out until I finish hers. 
 Not a burden to have to knit another sweater!
 Like Meredith, I had a late night scramble to make a tribute to Dr Seuss;
I have to have something amazing for every day this week!  
I drew this 'badge' and Will colored it in.
I taped the pin to the back to the cardboard back (the front is made of canvas fabric)
 using medical tape so it will stay put! 

 I only have four more badges to make!
  I'm glad I only had to make one today! 
 Now to brush up on the sketching skills!


  1. I love that quilt so much! I fear my winter quilt is going to have to go on the back burner as soon as spring really arrives. I need to work on that one too.
    Love the Dr. Seuss badge. He's lucky to have such a crafty grandma!

  2. You did very well on Green Eggs and Ham.

  3. Crinkly quilts are THE best - they say, "Love."

  4. What a cute badge! What a sweet sweater! What a wonderful quilt. You are getting it done!

  5. Summer blooms...oh How lovely. and in another way, How I want summer and blooms around here. Grrrrr. Very very cold wind chills. Freezing at the barn


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