Saturday, March 9, 2019

A Bit of a Rip

 I struggled through more than half of this baby sweater
-learning how to knit a raglan from front to front.
I am ripping it back to the beginning and trying it again because now I think I can do it justice!
It is a good rip out;  I learned a lot and am looking to work through the second one much more easily!
 The spinning went very smoothly and I plied the two bobbins together today!
The interesting part-I ended up with almost exactly the same yardage as the first skein I spun.
The first skein has 330  yards and the second 331 yards!
I will wash it and hang it out to dry today so I can start knitting with it!
(And yes, I am still enjoying a bit of coloring each day;  
it is very relaxing and there has been a need for that!)


  1. Beautiful skein!!!
    I agree, coloring is so relaxing. I am really enjoying coloring all those little bunnies. It's brain candy compared to our other crafty projects.

  2. I don't think I'd be good at the knitting machine. It seems to involve math and engineering! I'm more of liberal arts girl. But I'm amazed at what you can figure out.

  3. I think you are my only blog pal that machine knits! You are good to try and learn so much


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