Sunday, March 3, 2019

A Few Stitches

 Proof that I did get the binding on the Summer Blooms lap quilt #2!  
I was a real cat owner and put the whole binding on while twirling Lena around 
so I could maneuver the binding for sewing! lol
 I even remembered to put my label on the first time!
It has yet to go into the washer-as soon as it is washed and dried, 
it will be officially finished!
 On a side note-I made these two little birds as an in-the-hoop design from UrbanThreads.
 It has a very easy zipper construction--all in the hoop , mind you!
I already gave them to the boys with coins included!  A cute little project for all the grands!


  1. I was working on binding last night, but I had to twirl around a rotating schedule of four cats - they all had to have their turn!

    Love the little bird pouches - so cute!

  2. Cute picture of cat and quilt and those little coin holders are charming!

  3. Beautiful quilt work. Stunning kitty. And the coin holder are awesome! So creative you are!!

  4. Love the pillow!, Ouch on the finger, still recovering from my index injury, and sure wish I could have gotten to the show this year, I need to mark my calendar for it. Finally, those birds are adorable, but the cat resting quilt, can't wait to see it.

  5. Love the quilting and those birds are perfect! I want like ten of them.

  6. You are more of a cat person than I! I would have shooed away a cat. You also must be better at sewing!
    I love those little change pocket!

  7. I am terribly allergic to cats so all my crafty things are off limits. They are sneaky though and if I turn my back, look out.
    Those little bird bags are so cute. The remind me of one I had when I was little. We got it at the dime store. I felt so grownup with my bag of coins.

  8. Always love seeing Lena. She looks quite content on the quilt.

    The boys are going to love their little coin holders (especially the COIN part). ;-)

  9. How would we get anything done without our cats to oversee us?!!


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