Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Sweet Azaleas

 Another baby sweater-are you tired of the yarn yet?!  
It sure works out nicely for all of my experiments, though.
This one is the 2 hour baby cardigan but it took me almost 2x that long!
Maybe on  my fifth one I will hit the two hour mark!
This is about a size 6-9 months and is knit from front to front all in one piece 
even with the raglan sleeves! 
Once I began to understand the instructions for the sleeve portions, 
I could then move right along!  
I even knit the front bands without a hitch-well, almost--the extra 4 rows on the front bands 
messed up the center of the sweater fronts--they are too wide just that little bit which makes a little centering problem. 
  Noted for the next project!
I blocked this and steamed the edges and then crocheted the edges around neck, 
hem and sleeve hems.  
I'm ready to buy a skein of this yarn for boys and keep up the practice roll!
Come on up my Azalea lined driveway for a visit!
It's the same colors as the yarn!


  1. Very pretty sweater and GORGEOUS blooms!!!

  2. That sweater project is still fascinating. I love your blooms. We tried planting a row of azaleas up the driveway last year and every single one died.

  3. I'm so envious of your garden. I think our late snow storm has really hurt the spring flowers.

  4. I love the sweater, may I ask where you found the pattern?
    Here is to the spring and more happy knitting :)

  5. I love azaleas! They were our floral decor at our wedding. Cute baby sweater, you will have it down to 1 hour eventually I am sure.

  6. I hope our azaleas recover from the torture of our recent snow and cold! That's a pretty sweater for some lucky baby.

  7. Very sweet little cardi! And those azaleas are a serious WOW!

  8. Your azaleas look beautiful. Mine are still hibernating! But, I did see little shoots of green in the garden. I *think* it is where the Lily of the Valley was.

  9. Your lessons for the knitting machine are producing some really cute items.

  10. Mine are already done blooming, they were here early this year.


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