Friday, March 29, 2019

Top, Cat, View

Sometimes you just need to bury your head in the sand....
(this is Sissy, not Lena)
 And other days, you feel you can run like the wind!
Will got his day on the pier;
 what a difference a few days can make!  
The waves were 2' high and the wind was strong!
 This is what a nor'easter can do to us!
 Here is the full view of the Fringe tree-radiant!! 
And a full view of the new sweater 
just before I left the house wearing it on its maiden appearance.
Speaking of appearances--
this is the same cat that was sleeping in the first photo
except here, she photo bombed me!
And this is what I managed to pull off yesterday while I made use of several small time slots--
the flannel quilt top is pieced, trimmed and will now await its turn on the frame.


  1. That's when I like going out on the pier. Nothing like the power of those waves to make you feel pretty small and insignificant!
    Love the new sweater. I can't believe it's done already!

  2. Love the sweater! Looks great on you. Sweet kitty....

  3. Wow! The river was really roiling that day. I love how the river changes with what is going on. Sometimes it looked like GLASS where we were.

    Your new sweater looks great and just the perfect weight for spring wearing.

  4. These days, my ambition is more like a Sissy and Will - sigh. . . Your sweater looks great and perfect for over air-conditioned spaces.

  5. The cardigan looks great - I ordered some yarn yesterday to make one!

  6. Oh i love that sweater on yOU!

  7. Darling photos of the little one and you look fab in that sweater!

  8. Wow, quite a stirred-up day at the lake. Fun new sweater!


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