Sunday, February 24, 2019

One Side of the Room

 I started out the day with some embroidery;
 the new scissors really were easier to pick up and hold for the trimming!
And now I have a new cotton dish towel embroidered to match my kitchen.
 While the machine was embroidering away, I got out my little Sparrow 15
 and did the piecing needed to finish up the two tops on the design wall! 
 First up was the Summer Blooms.
And right behind that was the owl quilt top!  
 I don't have a backing for this yet so it will not go on the frame first!
(Also, I don't know how I am going to quilt this--appliqued quilts are hard to decide what to do with them;  quilt through them?  around them?
And then there's the sashing--make it part of the blocks?
do something special in there instead?
See what I mean--I am going to put those hurdles way down the road for me---
all the way until next Saturday! lol
 I had to finish the little bird wall hanging before I could load another top onto the frame;
I not only finished quilting it, I also put the binding on it!
I was feeling like I was on a roll!
 Since I had the backing for the Summer Blooms, I loaded it right onto the frame.
I will be quilting this with a pantograph with the blooms and birds motif that I like so well.
Not a hard decision about quilting on this one!
And to show that I did get to do a little knitting, 
I made a dish cloth from the skein of cotton from my daughter!
I didn't get to touch the knitting machine but now I will be able to tackle that during this week!


  1. You've got a factory going on!!!

  2. My first thought on seeing all those quilts was ...........WOW! You must go through a LOT of thread! LOL

    Everything looks beautiful.

  3. I'm tired just from reading that! You're even busier than I am!

  4. Excellent job of accomplishing so many of your weekend goals!

  5. You really went to town with everything. Kudos to jobs well done!

  6. Pretty towel, and the yarn worked up beautifully!

  7. Very productive! I am loving all your projects. Have a wonderful week.

  8. You've been really busy! Love the embroidery hand towel, and those quilts are so pretty! xx


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