Friday, February 15, 2019


 I made pretty good progress on the Squirrel Cardigan.  
One side is completed;  later on today, I will finish the left side.
I did decide to add a bit of lace on the bottom of the fronts and back.
See, it is starting to make sense.
But first, I have a field trip with Will to go and see the manatees in Blue Springs!
Pictures tomorrow!


  1. This will be adorable! Funny name for it though....

  2. I for one cannot wait for manatee photos!

  3. Such a sweet little sweater.

    Enjoy the manatees. We used to go up to Blue Spring by boat quite often. Such a pretty little park.

  4. LOL! I have a post about Squirrels for next week! You are getting so proficient!!


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