Saturday, February 16, 2019

Outside Pleasures

 While there were lots of real live manatees in the spring, I didn't manage to catch a clear photo of one!  You will have to settle for these two guys (Will on left and a friend on the right!)
 It was a breathtakingly beautiful day to be on a field trip!
 This is looking north up the St Johns River.
 At home, there are so many colors that please the eye...ornamental kale,
 my favorit red camellias,
 the burgeoning azaleas
 and even the bees are out!
The calliandra bush is full of blooms because we didn't have a killing frost!
The honeybees are grateful to have the mild  winter,  too!

(this was late to post because I forgot to hit the publish button!)


  1. How beautiful!!! We've had some decent weather here for the past week but today is gray and very cold. I needed that shot of color and a peek at that lovely river.

  2. Those boys look like that had a very fun time. My azaleas are blooming, so pretty!

  3. Your ornamental kale looks like a crazy sea creature! LOL

    Looks like the boys enjoyed their day.

  4. I am enjoying every bit of your colour, since it will still be a while before I see much here.
    Like Dee, I thought your Kale was a sea creature at first too!

  5. What cute little guys, adorable Manatee, but that ornamental kale!! Steals the show.

  6. Those flowers are a sight for sore (read: wintery) eyes. We have so much snow on the ground that I can't even imagine flowers!

  7. Field trips are fun and full time f adventures. I'd love to see a manatee in the wild.

  8. I guess we were very lucky to see a big manatee every day in Florida in the keys. They are slow creatures. Thanks for the flower joy !!


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