Thursday, February 7, 2019

I Can Do That!

 It started with this free pattern from Berroco.
I liked the older style and thought it would work with the new variegated yarns available today.
 The pattern called for worsted weight yarn but I bought DK Colors by Premier so I needed to do some extra math.  AND I wanted to do this sweater on the knitting machine!
The math isn't that hard once you do your swatch.
If the pattern has a schematic, you have all the information you need to plug in the number of stitches to work in and the number of rows to work out.
 In no time I had the sweater front and back!  Next are the sleeves!
And the color of the yarn reflects the greens of the azalea hedge!


  1. Nice job! Love seeing your blooms too.

  2. Math is amazing! Love your green! Everything is locked under a layer of ice here.

  3. The sweater is going to be pretty. I'm longing to see green.

  4. I love that pattern. It would be even worth hand knitting. It looks so comfy.

  5. Wow lickety split! The colors are terrific.


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