Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Smooth Sailing

 Summer Blooms is off the frame already!
                                         It's wonderful when everything goes without a hitch! 
I am hoping to get the binding on this today!
 And I powered right through the first half of the baby sweater!
I will reattach the second sleeve (on the right here)
 and work across the second side just as smoothly today! 
(Well, that's the plan!)
 Then I will decide what kind of finish I want to do with the front bands, neckline and cuffs.
To make you smile, here is a pic of the two delightful rascals that generally fill my days!
Nothing like a good romp in a warm rain!


  1. Im right behind you on my baby sweater! Oh my goodness we have snow and more on the way and it is freezing. How can those rascals be outside? Im so jealous

  2. Warm rain sounds so nice right now. I woke up to freezing temps this morning and The Mister is already out cutting wood that he expects me to stack. Ugh. I don't mind when it's warm but 32? Nah......

  3. Nice done - here's to smooth sailing through the finish line! Those boys look like they are having fun.

  4. It's wonderful when things go smoothly!
    Those boys are too cute!

  5. What a great photo! That's one 'for the piano' as they say!

  6. I can almost hear the boys' giggles.

  7. Is someone claiming the quilt? LOL.

  8. Love that picture of the boys! 💙💙

  9. That photo of the boys is adorable. Warm rain???? What is THAT???
    (I only know the FREEZING kind these days. LOL)


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