Friday, February 8, 2019

The Final Stitches

The dishcloth turned out quite well
for a play time of what ifs!
It is a simple k2p2 that is offset one stitch each row to make
the purl stitches stack to the right or the left;
I changed direction every 10 rows.
36 sts on #6 needles with cotton yarn.
One KAL sock is done!
I did notice that the stitches seemed to torque
so that the stitches looked like they traveled 
around the leg.  
When I laid it flat it was fine but I had to put a marker on the front of the leg
so that I would know 'where' I was!
I did do the pattern all around the leg.
KnitPicks Koi Pond yarn, #1 needles over 64 stitches.


  1. I found the same thing with the sock too. I ended up doing a plain foot on mine.

  2. Yup, mine torqued as well. I like the effect. I'm only through 4 repeats of the pattern - up to the heel flap, but hope to work on it tonight and over the weekend. It's a fun knit.

  3. I have a skein of Koi Pond tucked away in the sock stash. It really is pretty. It might have the be the next in line to be cast on.

  4. Nice finishes! Koi Pond created a nice striping sequence.

  5. Terrific sock colors! Now off to google Koi Pond yarn!

  6. I love how the color patterns change with the stitch patterns.

  7. OH I love a dishcloth!!!!! And your sock color way is awesome! I'd have to put a marker in it too if it kept shifting!


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