Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Typical Day

For those of you craving color--
this is the Cassia, still blooming!
 I ventured out to view the  flooded  back 1/4 of our property to see this mound 
because it is the sandhill crane on her nest! 
 I can't wait for babies!
 The new 'lake' recedes a few inches and then we get another rainstorm with several inches
and it is back fuller than it was a few days before the rain!
I am afraid this is the new landscape for us!
 My Live Oak Avenue is high and dry, though, and is a visual pleasure to pass under its boughs.
 The boys followed me as I drove the golf cart --they threw/rolled (ground balls only were allowed!)
a softball at the golf cart and saw how close they could get to me;
if it rolled under as I drove along, 
they scored the most points!
 They sure do have imaginations!
They ran for half an hour like this!
We watched the Space Station go past last night, you can just see it between the top of the two pines!
One leftover sock yarn newborn hat was also completed yesterday!


  1. the only colour we have just now is yellow - from the gorse and the first, very early daffs! I am waiting for the blue crocus to flower, but the cold lately seems to have set them back a bit...
    and I think having the kids all "run out" (of power:)is a good thing. gives you a bit of peace inside?

  2. Love the Cassia! It's snowing here, so that's a real treat.

    I haven't caught the space station going by for a couple of years!

    The hat looks great - I've always loved that colourway.

  3. The photo of your new "lake" is pretty. I'm guessing this is a low area that was a marsh earlier. LOL, you found a great way to entertain the boys and to allow them to burn off some energy. Love the baby hat!

  4. What beautiful landscapes!!
    I bet those boys slept well that night.

  5. What a beautiful place you have. And the boys' game is very creative.


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