Saturday, February 2, 2019

Thumbs Up!

 This was my view this morning--see the robin in the lower left corner--the yard is full of them, 
happy not to have to dig through snow to find worms!
 The round thumb is done!  It fits so much better and looks better as far as I'm concerned!  
Now to fly through mitten #2!
And now that I am caught up on the knitting machine lessons-
I am ready to cast on for a sock KAL with Dee and Vera!! 


  1. Thumbs up for a good-looking thumb! Have fun KAL with Dee and Vera.

  2. Oh, that view. It's all ice and snow here. 16 degrees this morning. Ugh.
    Love the mitten!!! I can't believe you got it done so fast. It would have taken me years.

  3. Glad you got the thumb to submit to your wishes. It looks great! No robins here, Hopefully our weather doesn't go back in the 20's too many more times this year.


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