Thursday, February 14, 2019

Machine Embroidery Work

 This faux leather wallet is made 'in the hoop' as an embroidery project from UrbanThreads.
 It is a quick and clever project to do with materials I had on hand.
My son bought a cash register for the boys and we play 'shop';
I noticed they needed a wallet to carry their money.
 This wallet design holds the paper money and their 'credit' card in the slots.
 It's nice to hit the bull's eye when making things for the boys!
 We had a lot of fun spending the money-they even do chores to earn more money to spend--
a great learning tool, right?!
(Even when the money is fake!)
 Along those lines, there was also a pattern using the same kind of 'in-the-hoop' design 
for this Fox purse.  
(the red tipped pin is only holding down the flap 
 until I make it to the store to purchase a larger snap closure!)
I liked this picture because Nyki did a photo bomb and I didn't notice her at the time!


  1. The wallet is cute, but I LOVE that purse!

  2. I love all things Fox and I love that bag!

  3. How cute! I should make some wallets for my Great-Nephews, they are at an age to start learning how to handle money. And maybe I should just put some gift cards in the slots!

  4. Your talents never cease to amaze me! The wallets are definitely a great teaching tool.

  5. both projects turned out great! the pattern on the wallets looks a bit like a compass to me:) I am sure the boys have great fun doing the "shopping" - I used to love my little shop as a kid and made a lot of things to sell:)


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