Saturday, April 4, 2009


After a lazy start to our Saturday, Bill and I got to work in the backyard. A facelift was definitely in order as evidenced by this before picture.
We wanted to move the slab of concrete over so it would be in front of the sliding glass doors just down 12 feet from where it now rested. Easy, right? Well, it was really a nice day for a project and we had a nice time!
The slab weighed more than the tractor could move so we made it 2 pieces! Now with a chain we could move it to position.
It looks good-now for piece number 2!
A little sacrete to mend the crack and it will be as good as new or even better 'cuz I power washed the cement and it looks so good now!
I slapped some paint on the swing that our neighbor gave us while I waited for the washed cement to dry.

It was past supper time but we kept working to finish up the back-Bill cleaned up all around his little shed and I put away all the things that cluttered the back area.

Ta-da! The after results looks so inviting and is as pleasing from outside as it is from the inside!
This is a window ornament from a friend --which is a really good thing for our sliding glass doors as Bill has walked into it several times already!
In my spare time, I finished weaving the table mat. (Hmmm, I see it needs a bit of pressing!) It is so pleasing to see the play of the yarns as I weave-the subtle change this time occurred when I used a solid for the warp and a variegated yarn for the weft. (The last table runner I made had variegated warp threads and I used this solid brown for the weft.)
Bill is in his seat watching the Final Four games..........I will go and sit for some knitting (my sunburn is tender, too!)


  1. Glad you had such an enjoyable day...and it looks great! I can hardly wait to come and enjoy it...

  2. Now, I NEVER would have thought to pick up a slab of concrete & just move it. I didn't know it could be done!

    I love your weaving. Nice texture & colors.

  3. Doesn't Bill know where he put the doors? LOL

    I like your weaving; I tried weaving years ago and found it impossible to keep the edges straight!


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