Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Finishing Up the Prep Work

I started out doing just a little on the weaving. It is good to find that weaving also allows for busy hands and a peaceful mind.
I was enjoying myself so much I ended up finishing it! I washed it, laid it out in the sun to dry and then pressed it with my steam press.............very nice finish that way. I am learning so much about color and thread interplay-can't wait for the next project.
I did the finish work on three pairs of socks........interesting to see the different color patterns that resulted. I am going to buy some beads the right color and make some necklaces out of the remaining yarn-this is merino/tencel blend and feels like a mercerized cotton-very light weight and perfect for a summer sock!
I put on a movie and determined to put in the three hours required to finish the tablerunner I started last month!
I didn't enjoy doing the quilting but now that it is done, it is just incredible so I am glad I perservered!
I also finished spinning the dyed batts from last week. I ended up spinning 2 skeins blended blues and green and the other one just blue. I think they are going to become socks still.....

Yes, Nyki helped me every step of the way! I had a frenzy of fiber pursuits because the next 10 days are going to be frenzied in a very different way and I needed to fill my solitude tanks! We pick up Jared and Krystle and Jason, business partner and friend, tomorrow afternoon! Bring them on!


  1. Glad you checked a lot of your "to finish" list because we'll all need MOTHER for the next week and you won't get to fabric-play very much! :)


    Oh, and the woven project and table runner are both lovely...

  2. The woven scarf is lovely, beautiful colours.

  3. I love the table runner love it. Perfect colors to say spring is here. The yarn came out beautifully, the colors remind of the sea. You can always knit while enjoying your company something that uses hand power but now brain power. Enjoy your week with your family. I'm very excited for you!!!

  4. That weaving is absolutely gorgeous! Colour is one of my great loves and how colours interact with each other is fascinating!


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