Monday, April 6, 2009


Look who's back! They have been here for a week but I kept missing a pic! They are not the only guests returning to the end of week ,we are going to have a full house of the Minota clan! We have not all been in Florida since 1995! They were all children then-yes, even and 18 yr old is still a child, Marsel!

Anyway, we are cleaning and getting ready for everyone and it helps the time fly to keep busy! Continuing on the backyard beautification, I added 2 new slats to this bench and gave it a coat of paint. The wrought iron needs a coat, too, but I don't have what I need so it will have to wait.

I swept and mopped the south addition to make room for an overflow area of sleepers. In between the whirlwind of clean, I warped this and started weaving. It has a warp of acrylic/silk from my stash and the weft is the left over yarn from the socks I made for Marsel when she had her surgery. It is looking pretty good for pink!
Bill picked these for supper.

Look at this color is an inspiration for this dyer/weaver/knitter/quilter! I enjoyed every mouthwatering mouthful! (If you like beet greens with the beets, be sure and add a clove or two of garlic-you won't taste it but it does a chemical thing and makes them the sweetest greens you have ever eaten!)


  1. Great picture of the hummingbird! ...and yes, I absolutely agree that 18 is still a child...even 21 (I would go further, but then my little brothers would grump at me) is still a babe in arms, in retrospect! :)

    Beets etc look wonderful!

    Can't wait to get us all in one place...

  2. Sounds like an exciting, noisy time coming up!

    Thanks for the photo of the humming bird - we don't have them in Australia.

  3. Wow, I would love to see a hummingbird, they are so tiny.

    Love how the weaving looks.

  4. Those beets are making me drool-we loved your swiss chard-no matter what your Mother says. I wish I could "beam" your Mom down to visit when everyone is there-I know she would love it. Sharon

  5. Nice pictures. Make sure you to take a few minutes to post pics while everyone is there.

    So who is going to stay in the 'south wing'?

    The beets look great, even though I don't care for beets.


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