Monday, April 27, 2009

Catching Up

I did finish the tablerunner; sewing the binding on while sitting in bed......Nyki had already gone to sleep-I didn't even disturb her as I slid out of bed to take the picture!

In the morning I pulled out the dresser that was here and organized a cutting/ironing center that will double as the wool prep is nice to have this area to work at! I caught Nyki redhanded at the attempted murder of my styrofoam head! She wasn't the least bit penitent! I spun up 2 skeins of the superwash/nylon I blended on the drumcarder-I am pleased with the results and will now dye up the skeins.........I am thinking chocolate covered cherries kind of colors....

Back in the sewing room , I serged up a pair of capris for myself. This fabric is a light-weight kettle cloth that is at least 40 years old.........I am enjoying the challenge of stash busting! I finally got to the finishing work for the two pair of socks with the striped yarn from KnitPicks (Felici in Putty and Meridian). And when I began the third pair of socks I had a 'what if ?' thought. They need their own post to see what I did!


  1. Good girl, Nyki -- that head has always given me the creeps!

    Whoops, I mean, naughty kitty...!

  2. You lead a very full crafting life!

    I have finished the first ball [200g] of mum's sweater - four more to go, five weeks to do it [and I'm back at work four days a week next week] - plz pray for me!


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