Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Routine Again!?

We closed up the 'vacation' house because all the guests have gone!

Did laundry and cleaning and in between I filled up the time with my usual fibery pursuits:
I started out with some dyeing of 6 handspun skeins.
Picked out some fabrics from the stash for another tablerunner.
Tried a new use out for the ping pong table--I am much better at this than I am for the real game! (You can see the lawn mower in the background-Bill has another project, too-it quit!)
Yes, I think I have a much better game at weaving. I worked out great because I could get a longer warp this way-7' actually, so that with fringe, etc I can have a longer woven linen. I warped with a #5 cotton and will use my handspun for the weft.
I accomplished quite a bit on the second sock-just a few more inches of ribbing! Closed out the day with some actual weaving......
it is so much airier with the warp being thin.........I just love the way weaving surprises me with each new project! I am listening to Weavezine podcasts while I putter through the day, catching up on old ones and learning so much!


  1. Right back to the Energizer bunny routine...your multitudinous accomplishments are always so inspiring!!!

  2. Brilliant use of the ping-pong table, and the weaving looks lovely. With a little padding that table would be excellent for blocking lace too.

  3. Hi, the dye pots look good. Do you use natural/home sourced dyes or commercial ones? Love the pink colour skein on the table.

  4. I wish you'd stop tempting me with the weaving!!

    Dyeing - hmm; I want to but I have so many other projects [fibre and non-fibre] on the go and I return to work next week.


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