Thursday, April 23, 2009

Town Sales

We took a trip into Daytona Beach to take advantage of some sale items........I brought home mine but Bill is holding a raincheck!

The cats were great help in putting together my Craft table. I did need to have Bill's help for several of the steps required muscle.......he gladly assisted.

The dye pot turned out some great skeins........a pair of pink and blue are out of Finn wool-they are so squeezie-feels delicious and no, I don't know what they will make. The other 2 skeins are of the suffolk/alpaca blend I have been spinning and that will be for another weaving project.
We found a sidewalk cafe for New York Pizza and were so wondrously surprised-it is a close second to Gino and Joe's; the best pizza in the world! We will repeat that performance, I guarantee it! Followed up the great lunch with a walk on the beach and then home.


  1. It'll be grand to use that table next time I visit -- talk about hunching over on the old one -- I'm still not standing up straight yet! :)

    David would have loved to be there to help you break that styrofoam into a million itsy-teeny pieces all over the carpet...! :)

  2. I just love those colours you dyed. And you are so lucky having a room especially for your crafts....

  3. It's cheating if you get your husband's help! I love the yarn colors...


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