Thursday, April 2, 2009

Catnaps and Weaving

Bill and I went to the vet's to pick up Nyki from her surgery (spay/declaw). She was so glad to be home and went right into the diningroom's sunny spot in front of the sliding glass door and staked her claim.
I went and got a blanket, her food and water dishes and the litter box and made her a nice little nook. She said thank you......
She has slept most of the day and since I wanted to stay nearby, I sat and wove right next to her. I finished the weaving I started on Monday ;

washed it and set it outside to dry.
I warped a new sett on the loom (it took a lot longer doing it all by myself)! I wove about 4 inches before hunger drove me to the kitchen for a burger! Nyki woke up and wanted dinner, too.
It feels like my parents have been gone a long time already........

Bill took a drive south to buy a Welder he saw on the internet. Hopefully , he will come home with a real treasure!


  1. Poor baby!!! Hope she bounces back to her normal wild self very soon.

    Can't believe you finished your weaving project already! She keeps going, and going, and going...!

  2. Is that a scarf that you made? It is pretty. WOW, you are already started on the next project. I should be so motivated. Your kitty gets a lovely blanket. :D

  3. Poor pussy cat. Mine had the same done back in February and it takes ages for the fur to grow back. Hope she is back to normal soon.

  4. What is it you made on the loom?


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