Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bonus Day

Bill and I drove to Ocala today to babysit the kids so Marsel could attend a funeral for a friend's mom. She drove to Matthew's house, had Caleb meet them there and so they got to enjoy some sibling time. Here is the 'fort' we built in the garage!

David certainly enjoyed the building process while Abigail instantly had it turned into home and pretend........their names were changed and she was in character immediately. I loved to be able to share the time with them.

Matthew was very patient with our 'ideas'!
I finished this-really am glad I tried a new stitch on a plain colorway! Who says it isn't possible to be innovative on the humble sock!


  1. Isn't it funny how two kids with the same parents can be so completely different? It's not because one is male, tho other female, it's just that they are unique!

    I bet you notice it even more having more than one!

    God is good!!

  2. What a nice surprise day together -- we take every minute we can, don't we?!


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