Friday, April 24, 2009

A Day in the Cave

When the boys lived here, they dubbed the room I now do my sewing/crafing in as the cave-it has no windows and they always kept it dark in there so it was appropriatly named but now the name has stuck and we still call it that! I keep it lit right up though, just ask Bill!!!
The cave was a hub of activity today-I made a list of things to finish up in there and I thoroughly enjoyed myself in the process. Bill is finishing up on the electrical and came to visit occasionally to update me, but mostly it was quiet and creative! I hit up the pile of fabrics and sewed up a tablerunner. It was so much more comfortable to be able to stand at the table and not hunch over! I planned, cut, ironed and laid out all my pieces to my heart's content!
I also cut out a tie for David using a pattern I saw on The Purl Bee; it is from the fabric I made Abigail's birthday dress out of so they can 'match'. It is a quick go but requires the back seam sewn up by hand.........good thing I like to do handwork! I next put my hand to quilting the tablerunner........ I modified the small feather pattern to make it less fussy and it worked up more to my liking. The plan is to finish binding it tomorrow.
I finished up the last stitch on the tie just in time to hit the dinner preparation hour-what a nice day.
Oh, here is a sock that is just minutes away from being frogged. I saw a pattern ages ago to make a sock with the cuff out of 3 small granny squares (crocheted) and then pick up the stitches and knit the rest of the sock. I had fun making it but when I tried it on.......way to chunky and bulky looking! I will save this yarn for a Fall weaving project! Say goodbye to this idea that is down the least I got the idea out of my head! Permanently! Starting a new sock instead tonight!


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