Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cheerful Chaos

Hanging out and having a good time with all the stories, teasing , etc! Jared and Jason enjoyed the tornado watch / thunderstorm last evening--Seattle has a lot of rain but doesn't do justice to a good thunder and lightening storm!

Marsel and I took Bruce to the airport today because he had to go back to 'real' life.
I have managed to get one sock done and the other is well on its way. (Car time yields knitting time!)
Yesterday, most of the crew went for a boat tour. Jared caught some incredible 'gator sightings shots! Is this guy smiling at you?!
These guys don't look too scary yet, but give them a few seasons and then they will!
Girls are going to the beading table......hope to give you a glimpse of the fruits of our labors tomorrow!


  1. Boat ride sounds fun; ride to the airport not so much.

    Are you ever going to let me know what colorway the sock yarn is? It's good manly sock yarn.

    What will you do at the beading table? How many times will Marsel spill/knockover the beads?

  2. Thank you, Jessa...and as a matter of fact, it was many times...!

  3. Wow, those alligators were close!

  4. YIKES!! I would not want to be too close to those gators!
    So where is the beading??


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