Sunday, November 24, 2019

Slowly a Saturday

Does anyone else watch TV while the screen is blocked liked this?!
He actually dozed off sitting there!
I finished plying some yarn-
this is the Polworth.
It's the first of 4 skeins I will have 
from this fiber;  155 yards on this one.
I worked up two swatches
for the next projects on the knitting machine.
I'm hoping I have all of my numbers
figured out correctly!


  1. My cats don't do that but Daughter's do when I go kitty sit. One had to sit on the cable box to keep warm. It drives me crazy. The polwarth looks lovely. I can't wait to see what you make from it.

  2. None of our cats did that, but it wouldn't have surprised me if they did. They could sleep in the strangest places. Beautiful yarn. I really miss spinning.

  3. I have absolutely watched TV like that! Lol.

  4. Cat shadows on the TV? Hmm.... not here. And thank goodness my boys can't crawl up on our TV stand because they are so big they would block everything. Hope you are resting and feeling better.

  5. LOL, not usually on the TV stand, but in my lap, yes!

  6. Apparently you adopted a television HOG!

  7. Cats certainly do enjoy the power of blocking our view...!

  8. Good job! the Math alone would sabotage me! Yes we often, have to look AROUND the felines to get a screen view, too!


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