Tuesday, November 5, 2019

A Stitch at a Time

A pillow case, a mermaid and another dishcloth 
are keeping me in stitches for an hour before I fall asleep each night. 
 How are you doing with the time change?


  1. The time change in the Fall never bothers me (that I'm aware of). It's the Spring change that messes me up. Looks like some nice projects to keep you occupied.

  2. Fall back for some reason is easier, except I want to sleep in each morning. I could easily hibernate through the winter.

  3. I don't notice a lot of difference, although I much prefer the daylight savings time end of things. It's dark now before 4:00 and soon it will be dark before 3:30. We'll only have about 6 hours of daylight and that's so hard for me. I would rather it be light later in the day and so many others up here in the north seem to agree.

  4. I am actually doing very well, which is odd for me. But before the change, I'd frequently been up with painful back issues. They've abated a bit now, so I think I'm finally catching up on my sleep!

  5. The time change is killing me. I am up before the sun and crash before dinner. Ugh. It's too dark for my old eyes. All I want is a nap.


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