Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Successful Execution

Yes, today was a successful execution of all the errands 
from Palatka to Daytona  to Palm Coast to home today. 
All purchases are for present projects;
flannel for pj's, 
books for pleasure, 
yarn in front for mittens
and in back, gifted skeins for all of my hats, etc.
The blue vinyl on the right will become seat covers for my golf cart!
The red/white/blue on top of the fabrics is for the mystery quilt
The triangles on the fabric under the yarn will
become Christmas banners--wait until you see them!
(I was pleasantly surprised to see that the order from
contained a third panel-one more than I ordered-
because a note said I got it free because it was the end of the bolt!)

Off again today after lunch--more knitting to happen on the travels!


  1. What a haul!!!! I see lots of happy hours ahead!

  2. So many projects!! Nice score on the end of bolt fabric - I love when that happens.

  3. That looks like a very fun haul!

  4. With all those supplies, you'll be busy for a very long time!

  5. Wow! That is so wonderful. It looks like you'll keep busy for a long time to come.

  6. As I wear my PJs so high up my legs I get a draft I am thinking I just need to start making my own! That way they can be so long they drag the ground! Can't wait to see what all of this becomes.


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