Sunday, November 10, 2019


 I managed to stand and work at the quilt frame -almost done with this one!
 And even better, I machine knit the back of a new sweater, Take II.  
This is the raglan back and it looks like it will fit this time!
This looks like an ordinary sock 
it has a stitch count of 88 instead of my usual 64 because it will be for my husband
who has rediscovered how nice it is to wear a pair of my socks to bed instead of cotton ones!
He wears size 15 shoes so I will be knitting on these for a while! lol
He also wants them as tall as I can make them 
so I will weigh the sock until I hit the halfway mark
and bind off (another benefit of knitting toe-up!) !


  1. I really love the colors in that quilt. Pastels and purples are always my favorites. Those are going to be some BIG socks. I can imagine that it will take awhile to knit them but it's sure nice to make socks for someone who appreciates them isn't it?

  2. It's always fun to have lots of different things on the go

  3. That Bill sock is going to take A LOT of knitting!!!!!

  4. Happy to hear you've been able to stand at your longarm machine and work on a quilt. I wear socks to bed some nights, too, and I always sleep better when my feet are warm.

  5. I'm slogging through some man socks myself. They take forever but it is nice to have someone appreciate the work. I knit mine mostly when we are in the car doing errands so he can keep track of my progress.

  6. Even after all of these years of being part of our family, Bruce is still amazed at how much Dad likes to bundle up! The sock colors are beautiful. Nice progress on all!


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