Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Some Finished Works

 I only had 1/2 and hour of work left on this
and managed to finish the quilting at the frame
and add the binding yesterday before we hit the road.
 The quilting is called birds and blooms for obvious reasons.
I didn't  get to load a new quilt on the frame but I hope to do that
this morning before I have to leave for the day again!
Yeah, it's that kind of week.
 I did manage to knit this hat on the trip yesterday.
It will fit a teen to a women because of the 2 x 2 rib stretchiness!
The yarn is Red Heart Ombre in purple on #8 needles.
I hope to knit another one today!


  1. Another sweet little quilt! My sewing space is a disaster so I haven't even been in there in weeks. It's been that kind of a month for me. When I do get back in there it's going to take me a while to figure out what's what.

  2. Beautiful quilting! And I love the subtle shift of colour in the hat.

  3. Knitting in the car is a good way to allow the busyness of the day to ebb away. Love the hat and the finished quilt.

  4. Beautiful quilt and hats are great car knitting. I love the color of yours as purple is my favorite color.

  5. All I had on my slate today was sew down a binding and work decreases to finish off a hat. I have done nothing! Well, except for some light cleaning and laundry. And a bunch of internet surfing. Just a blah day I guess.

  6. Love the “neutral with a subtle hint of color” of the quilt!


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