Friday, November 22, 2019

Grandparent's Day

We started out the day yesterday
visiting our grands for a special presentation 
for grandparents at their school.
It was precious.
(Bill and I are in the center. their Omi on the right
and adopted grandparents on the left.)
 Afterwards, we went out to lunch at this restaurant.
It is on the Amelia River.
 And  it's called the Down Under because you have to drive around the winding road under the highway to get to it!
 After a delicious lunch, we walked out closer to the river so Eli  could threw stones!
 His dad, my youngest son, threw a stone so far that Eli was amazed!
It's nice to amaze your kids!
 Isn't this a pretty scene?!
It was a perfect day.
The drive home was long (2 1/2 hours) but uneventful.  
This is a long bridge over the St Johns River at Dames Point.

I'm home today-shhhhh!
Don't tell anyone.
It has been a whirlwind of a week!


  1. I love that picture of Caleb and Eli! 💙💙 Glad you were able to be part of the fun at school with the kiddos. Special memories!

  2. What great photos of your special day!!! Those Grands are sure lucky to have so many of you involved. I used to feel so sad on Grandparents Day when most of the children would have no one to visit with us in the class.

  3. Glad your week was so nice (busy...but nice). Looks like that was such a fun day!

  4. Looks like a fun time!!!

    I do love being along the Amelia River. It so beautiful.

  5. A picture perfect day - one that everyone will remember. I'm glad you and Bill were able to go.

  6. Lucky kids to have so many grandparents!
    And you certainly deserve a day of rest!

  7. How wonderful to spend the day with your family. It IS nice to amaze your kids and I love that picture. It's my biggest heartbreak, our kids all living so far from us so we are unable to any grandparent things to speak of. When they were all growing up I never would have thought they would all move away.
    Have a good day, resting at home.

  8. My kids no longer have grandparents so I am sure it was a very special treat for all of you. Those little ones are adorable.


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