Monday, December 18, 2023


One sock done and I need to cast on the other!  There are so many distractions!  I am happy with how this one turned out--I only needed to 'waste' this small amount of yarn to get to the toe color for the next one.   A size 8 sock, 64 sts on 2.5mm needle.
I saw this guy at my friend's house--since I have never seen one like this , she humored me while I took his photo
 and then she promptly exterminated him! 
 It is a Rosy Wolfsnail which is an invasive species.
  Some vegetable gardeners leave them alone
 because they eat small snails and slugs from their plots.
  My friend doesn't grow veggies and sticks to her mission rigidly. 
 In this position, the snail is 7" long!  It is a large snail!  


  1. The sock looks great. The snail or slug I could do without! LOL

  2. That was fast! You'll have the next one done in no time. I feel sad for the slug but I do HATE the ones that climb up my new storm door all summer. They make such a mess.

  3. Pretty blues! The snail is lovely — I always have such a hard time with instituting invasive species management…I want to practice wise conservation and protect our native species, but I hate killing anything! I will just be glad I got to see the picture and didn’t have to make the decision! Lol

  4. The sock is very pretty.

    Did you at least save the snail shell. That's a beautify.

    We were supposed to kill the brown tree frogs in Orlando, but I was never able to bring myself to do that. Here we are supposed to eliminate the brown praying mantis. They are invasive and kill off the good native species. Thankfully, I only had the "good" ones in my garden this year.

  5. That's a very pretty sock. I like how the blues fade into one another.
    I think that snail is pretty and it's sad it had to be killed. I didn't know they were invasive.

  6. That's quite the snail! We don't see a lot of snails around here - mostly just the brown striped ones. And I usually just find their leftover shells.

  7. What an interesting snail! Love the sock too ☺️


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