Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Creative Juices are Flowing Again

 I finished another pair of socks requested from my Seattle daughter-in-law!
 I started one of my queued projects-this pattern, West Desert Hood.   I tweaked it just a bit to make it less hood like and more cowl like!  It is a fun knit and inspired by a recent project on this blog where she used a similar honeycomb patter for her sock.
 I did some sewing!  I haven't sat down and enjoyed a good sew in a long time.   Bill is feeling so much better everyday that I am starting to enjoy my more normal routine again.  This is an outfit for Ella-I need some feedback before I make any more from this pattern-length, fit and comfort need to be assessed!
 We have had to visit St Augustine a lot lately for doctor appointments so we always fit in a visit to the ocean.  See the pelicans in flight over the waves?  Those are two shrimping boats in the far right.
 The sea oats are heavy on their stalks.
Naughty kitty.   But she says she isn't on the table, she is on the quilted table runner.....


  1. why do cats like to lie on tables so much? but I have to admit that her fur matches the autumn colours very nicely:) and the romper - how cute! I had a lot of plans to sew stuff for my niece's baby soon - but it'll be a boy, and sewing for little girls is much more fun?
    happy knitting (or sewing?)

  2. I'm finally catching up on reading my blogs and am so sorry to here about your husband's nasty infection.
    Also happy he's doing so much better.
    I love your new socks. You are an amazingly talented knitter, sewer and spinner. Oh and I love you vibrating pillow for your spinning chair. We all have naughty cats.

  3. Great socks! and you brought back memories of when I lived in Orlando, many many years ago!

  4. What an adorable romper. Make sure you get a picture of her wearing it.


  5. The romper is so sweet! Hope it fits well. the new socks are awesome and I'mm SO glad Bill is better!!

    We have quit trying to keep the kitties off the tables. Why make rules you can't enforce while you're out of the house? I can't tell you how many times I've entered a room to see a kitty jumping off something forbidden. In fact, if I want to get them to sit somewhere, I tell them they can't, then leave the room. Your naughty darling is beautiful!

  6. Seattle! My, they couldn't be much further away and be on the same continent and in the same country, could they?

    Glad to hear that Bill is on the mend and things are returning to normal. Love all your crafting.


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