Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cover Crops

 Our neighbor is growing hemp plant to improve his soil. (No, not that kind of hemp!)   It has a beautiful flower.
 This is looking across the garden full of it!  The plants are about 5' high.  I want to see if I can harvest some of the seeds to make oil for my soap making!  Gratefully, he is patient with my 'ideas'!
 Another healthy crop is our loofahs!  They are almost ready to harvest and dry.
 This was a few weeks ago and they are even bigger now!
 For the first time, our orange and grapefruit prove to be a bountiful crop, too!
 Most are ready to harvest in December and January.  Citrus fruit stay on the vine for months without spoiling unlike apples , for example.
 Another good crop with Bill off his feet is ants!  They sure do like our sandy soil!
We saw this plant on a recent visit to Matthew's.  I cannot find out what it is with the fruit like this!
Any help would be appreciated!


  1. Those are all beautiful plants/crops (well, except for the ants!). I especially love the citrus pictures.

  2. citrus fruit - I keep looking at my green lemons, waiting for yellow - but nothing happens:) and yes, I agree with Loree, I think it's a papaya, too. nice plant, looks very healthy! ours doddled about in the greenhouse for a few months, but the first winter finished it off totally:( apparently they don't the irish climate:)
    enjoy your pickings!


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