Monday, October 21, 2013

So, What's New?!

 Enterobacter and
 its partner, streptococcus have been identified and
 are now targeted with a new antibiotic!  We have high hopes!
 We were delivered of a whole new set of meds with picc line flush syringes, tubes and bandages....we will not miss you bacteria!  The course of treatment is for six more weeks!
We will be finishing the antibiotic the day before appropriate!
On a more normal line of thought, this is a very small cactus on the front porch-it is in bloom!  It looks like a life saver to give you an idea of scale!  (No smell)
We paused by this field of sunflowers on the way home from the doctor's office.  They were pointing to the sun-very pretty!

I am knitting this pair of socks again.  I can tell I have been under some pressure-I finished this pair the first time on size 1 needles, using the same number of stitiches I use for size 2 needles and never tried them on-just knit away and........when  I should have been yelling Voila!  I said, Oh, no!  They were way too small and since they are for a specific someone with feet the same size as mine, I knew it was just NOT going to work.  I ripped out both socks and immediately cast on again.  Note to self-think!  So glad yarn is able to be used again and no one is the wiser-unless you tell!


  1. So relieved that there is a specific plan of action now...we are praying for wisdom & patience for the patient and his nurse and an effective antibiotic.

    The cactus bloom is pretty but strange -- looks a little like a flesh-eating plant!

    Tight knitting -- wow -- you never do that! It definitely must be a reflector of stress levels...sending you lots of hugs!

  2. David just saw this post and summed it up perfectly...

    "Grandpa is smiling in this picture, but I can see a frown in his face. I just wish I could be there to cheer him up."

    From the mouths of babes...

  3. So this new med replaces the "downy balls"? Targeted meds are the way to go! Feed him lots of garlic and pro-biotic yogurts. Praying steadfastly for patience, sterile procedures and total healing!!

  4. that cactus looks really odd... and I love sunflower fields, but over here there's no chance of one, too much wind, they'd be flattened in no time:( hm, and the sock - I am not one to judge on knitting too small - I know exactly, how the "oh no" part feels:) let's hope that the new meds do the trick, so that "streps and friends" get their marching orders!


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