Saturday, October 19, 2013

There's No Place Like Home!

Bill came home from the hospital last night.  This is 5 days worth of antibiotics..the 'downy balls' get attached to his Picc Line twice a day and take 2 1/2 hours to empty.  In the afternoon, I push the smaller syringes into his line for a boost against this infection.  We have had several visits from Home Nurses today to help us learn our new routines.  One more for dose tonight and then we try it on our own tomorrow!  The MRI did show that the infection is in his bone (osteomylitus) and that is why it has been so hard to fight it.  Praying that God will bless this course of medicines at work in his body!


  1. those "thingies" look very odd! but whatever it takes to get rid of the infection - I do hope it works this time! and maybe it helps to be home again? a "get better soon" to Bill!


  2. Heavenly Fahter, You sent You Son not only to reconcile us to Yourself but to take our infirmities and sicknesses so we can walk in the health You intended for us. I pray now for my brother, Bill, that you will place Your hand on him; that He would rest in your peace and love, knowing that You have it all under control. May Bill learn the lessons you would have him learn during this time of rest. I pray, too, for a speedy and full restoraration of his foot to even better health than before. Grant Cindy peace and patience as she adapts to the new routine, and confidence in You to guide her through this time of "home nursing". Thank You, Father, that You hear our prayers. Amen.

  3. Go antibiotics! Kick that infection! Heal, Bill, heal!

  4. Lots of love to Dad and to our own Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy. :) Love you both very much and praying for you often.

  5. They look like Christmas ornaments to me. :)


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