Thursday, August 18, 2022


This photo is in my old bedroom where I am again sleeping-it is a four generation shot taken 44 years ago!  
My Mom, me, my daughter and my grandmother.
1978, Syracuse, NY
There is something about going back to your childhood home to stir up memories!


  1. My family moved every few years when I was growing up because of my dad's job so can't even imagine going back to a childhood home. That's a great photo. Hope your mom and sister are recovering.

  2. I had the same hairstyle you did back in 77-78! I hope your Mom and sister are doing much better very soon. Praying for you all.
    Blessings and love,

  3. Great picture! I bet you are sleeping well in your old bedroom.

  4. What a great photo! I was digging through the old family photos the other day and vowed to get them all in one album so I could pass them on. I've got the album now I just need to carve out the time.

  5. Sending hugs your way, hoping things are getting better.

  6. What a lovely photo, sweet memories xx


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