Friday, April 11, 2014

As the Week Unfolds

 The chicks are certainly growing and getting less fearful as they visit!   I enjoy seeing them each day!
 I was able to piece the new tumbling blocks.  I have found that my hands work very well on the well established motions like knitting-mostly muscle memory, but I am fumbly with the sewing when I have to make minute motions and pick up pins, etc.
 I am extra careful when working with the rotary cutter, that is for sure!  Now it this table runner is added to the quilting pile!
 Still enjoying looking out to these each morning!
 The Live Oak trees are in full seed pod explosion!  Can you say pollen?!!!
 Tonight Nyki lay in wait for some unsuspecting subject-she got Big Grey!
 She sprang out of the box so quickly, I didn't even have time to catch his retreat!  lol  She was very happy with herself.
The new spinning wheel accessory came in the mail today-it is called a Woolee Winder and removes the need to stop spinning to move the yarn build up on the bobbin-no more small hand motions required as this continuously feeds the single back and forth on the bobbin like a fishing reel!   Just one more way to keep me spinning even without the coordination of feet and hands!(I gave it a try tonight and found my hands spin just fine-another muscle memory motion for me, and it eliminates the need to treadle which is just plain uncomfortable right now!  I am spinning the bump of Indigo dyed Dor Galen here-very nice experience so far--now if I can just stay home long enough to give it a good go.....!)


  1. The chicks make me smile -- so fluffy-cute and yet so scrawny-awkward!

    Glad you are making adjustments -- it is much better, mentally and physically, to industriously create new normals than to rail against what was and what now is. (not that I am speaking from personal experience or anything...)

    Love the amaryllis -- mine are all bright reds -- I think I will have to add some color variety!

  2. Nyki -- that was the thing I forgot -- love the wicked gleam of her eyes from that box! She's such a loveable stinker!

  3. I am so jealous of your Woolee Winder. Everytime I sit to spin I think about getting one and then I forget about it until the next spin. It's a game I've been playing with myself for years.
    Love the tumblers in blue!

  4. Baby chicks! They are so cute. I love the table runner! Are you ok? Sounds like your hands are bothering you. Hope all is well


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