Friday, April 18, 2014

It's Friday Again!?!

 Sad news-this is the last pic of the chicks.......they are not with the parents anymore.  I feel very sad about the loss.  Speaking of loss, I have good news that the MS is not in my spine but the MRI did show a bulging disc in the middle of my back and that has to be dealt with before I can continue with the MS evaluation.  I will be going to Neurological Surgeons in the end of May for their 2 cents (or in today's market, $2000......)  I am learning to pace myself and to adjust the MS meds and the pain meds.  The doctor doubled the amount of meds I am taking during the day and it was... in the vernacular of the '60's--a bad trip!   I am finding that if I just space the single doses closer then I tolerate the pain better and can still retain some cognitive powers!
I tend to be silent with pain and lately there has been an extra dose of that-it just takes too much mental power to chat!  Please be patient with me while we work to make me a whole person again!
 Mornings are my best physical times-so I do some house work and then change it up with some fiber love-I do this standing up and that feels good-sitting is the worst!
 I also loaded up the table runner and got that quilted-also a standing up job!
 I even did a slightly modified binding on the machine so I didn't have to do the binding by hand which is my usual way since the hands are not as coordinated right now!  It turned out just fine!
 I also added borders to the Tumbler block quilt and got that loaded on the frame-I do a row or two and then move on to something else.  I look like a mouse in a maze darting from one thing to the next but it is the only way I can operate right now!  Mind you -this is a post about the whole week and not the usual one day for me!!!!
 I dug through my stash and found this group for the next lap quilt-I will be using the apple core die with the Accuquilt for the pattern.
The Vodka Gimlet sweater which was knit an inch beyond the waist is no more.....I totally lost the love;  I hated the waist pattern-yuck!  So it is history.   I found a new worsted weight yarn pattern from Cascade is nice to have power over something!!!!


  1. You poor thing! Adjusting meds is no fun.
    I am sorry to hear about the loss of the chicks. Spring can be difficult with so many vulnerable young'ins around. I get my heart broken every year.
    On a happier note, I am so loving what you did with those tumblers!

  2. Sorry about the chicks; it's a cruel world. Wishing you the best through the diagnosis and your course of treatment; prayers for you. Your quilts are beautiful; love the blocks and the color arrangements. Have a great weekend!

  3. I am so sorry to hear this. It is very hard to have to learn to pace yourself when you are an active person. I emailed you the title of a really good book on managing pain.
    Poor little chicks :-(

  4. what a pity to loose the chicks:( and maybe most of the pain comes from that disk in your spine? no wonder, when it puts pressure on your nerves - I do hope that the surgeons are worth their money and can help you with this! pressing my thumbs as we say over here:) I hope you can still enjoy the easter weekend - all the best from ireland


  5. Better you find you hate the pattern early than when nearly completed.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you through all of this. At least, with the electric spinner, you can spin while standing.

  6. Since I know that you moved from weekly posting in April to nearly every day in summer (when most people slowed down on their blogs), your medication must be figured out now.

    I'm reading through every post (I know, I'm a slack friend) in order, so forgive me for all the out-of-date comments!


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